Industrial, Commercial And Residential Heat Pumps Repairs 

Heat pump repairs Rashealz Air are the experts in Residential Commercial & Industrial Heat Pump technology. The products we supply have been tried and tested to perform reliably and efficiently – in even the harshest conditions throughout all of South Africa.

Should anything go wrong, you deserve to have the peace of mind knowing that our certified professionals will handle it for you. Reshealzair  are the go-to experts when it comes to heat pump repairs and that is for good reason. No one does heat pump repair better than Rashealzair  With years of experience in a highly competitive market and the latest in cutting edge tablet technology, our service people are quick, reliable, and affordable. We are leading innovators, and that allows us to stay one step ahead of our competition. Our work is always guaranteed, and we will beat any same size competitor pricing, so you know you are always getting the best price to go with the best service

Industrial, Commercial And Residential Heat Pumps Service 

Heat pump servicing is critical component of saving you money and preventing headaches. Regular maintenance and servicing is the hallmark of a responsible homeowner and affordable cost preventive investment. If not properly installed or maintained, heat pump compressors, reversing valves, and coils can become damaged. Should this occur these parts are costly to replace and require a lot of work. Many heat pump manufacturers require that you perform annual maintenance to keep their warranties valid. Natural Resources South Africa also recommends annual heat pump service to maximize the 15 to 20-year life span of your investment. It not only makes sense to service your heat pumps, but it also pays itself off. You will you save on the cost of sudden repairs, and won’t have to dread the day that anything happens to your heat pump

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient, eco-friendly ways of heating your water, with no solar panels required, and minimal energy expended.

Like all our energy efficient systems, the heat pump system uses the ozone friendly 410a refrigerant gas.

Heat Pumps Features:

  • Highly efficient (up to 370%)
  • Fail safe design ensures hot water at all times
  • Various models suitable for any size geyser
  • Engineered for safe and easy installation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Dehumidifies and cools surrounding air
  • Additional ducting can be installed and used for ‘Airconditioning the home
  • Fast recovery and first hour hot water availability
  • Small carbon foot print

The 7 Advantages of Heat Pumps

Before you decide on purchasing a heat pump system it is important to inform yourself about heat pumps.

There are multiple heat pump advantages which make them great investments for homeowners. We listed a few of those heat pump benefits below.

  1. Heat pumps are safer than systems based on combustion.
  2. They are cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers.
  3. The system reduces your carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.
  4. Less maintenance than combustion heating systems.
  5. Can provide cooling during the summer.
  6. Very long life-span (up to 50 years), thus they are extremely reliable and a steady source of heat.
  7. You may be eligible for payment under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.