Commercial Air Conditioning

Whether you are building an office, restaurant or commercial property, or replacing an existing heating or air conditioning system, Rashealz Air can install all major brands to ensure that you benefit from the best and most cost-effective air conditioning solution for your requirements.

Our commercial air conditioning systems offer industry-leading efficiency and satisfaction. We guide you through every step of the commercial air conditioning installation process. For any advice or questions regarding our commercial air conditioning service offering, feel free to contact us now.

Free Online and Telephone Quotes

We understand that you want to have a good idea of cost before you decide to proceed with a commercial air conditioning installation. Our commercial sales team can provide you with estimates over the phone or online.

For the most accurate quote, however, we suggest that our highly trained team visit your business or organisation to make exact calculations and plan the installation on-site. This will allow us to provide you with a written quotation within 24-48 hours, along with helpful and informative brochures providing info on the air conditioning installation solution that we suggest.

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We Install Commercial Air Conditioning Where You Need It

Office Air Conditioning Installations
Office Air Conditioning Installations A happy office is a productive office.

Take good care of your staff by making sure they are comfortable in winter and summer. Our cooling and heating systems will boost their productivity at the office.

Shop Air Conditioning Installations
Shop Air Conditioning Installations A cool customer comes back time and again!

Your customers want to be in an environment that is comfortable and inviting, or before you know it they will be off to visit your competitors. Give your customers an in-store experience that will make them want to stick around with the best air conditioning system on the market.

Server Room Air Conditioning Installations
Server Room Air Conditioning Keep your servers running smoothly.

A computer server room needs to remain cool at all times to prevent overheating and failure of the hardware, leading to downtime or a complete crash. Partnering with us as air conditioning experts will ensure a return on investment, as your hardware will be kept at the ideal temperature for optimal operation.

Restaurant Air Conditioning Installations
Restaurant Air Conditioning Installations Good food and great air conditioning – a match made in heaven!

Considering the air conditioning requirements for a restaurant is a complex undertaking, and should be entrusted to experts who understand the importance of your investment and the need for your establishment to be a success. Elements such as room shape, size and seating arrangements are all key to providing you with the best air conditioning solution for your restaurant.

Healthcare Air Conditioning Installations
Healthcare Air Conditioning Installations Making sure your patients breathe easy.

We have the expertise and discipline to provide the air conditioning solution to secure a sterile and healthy environment for your healthcare practice, organisation or institution. Our experience includes bespoke solutions for pharmacies, clinics, surgeries, hospitals, vets and medical practice air conditioning installations.

School, College and University Air Conditioning Installations
School, College and University Helping to create cool learning environments.

As with each of the situations we cater for, learning environments have their own unique set of challenges to overcome. The air conditioning solutions we put into place for schools, colleges and universities are quiet and well balanced to benefit all without posing a distraction for learners or teachers.

Other Air Conditioning Installation Services
Inverter Air Conditioning Inverter Air Conditioning Installations

Our inverter air conditioning installations ensure that your air conditioning system operates at optimal capacity, reaching and maintaining the ideal temperature without any fluctuations. This is possible thanks to our optimised power consumption and the highest level of efficiency.

Water to Air Technology

This innovative technology operates on water for maximum power. Once there is no water left, the system automatically switches to operating on air.

Typical type of Air Conditioners


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