Cold room Repairs and Service

Number one experts in cold room repairs and services for your commercial application. With more than 10 years experience, we have seen it, done it and installed. Cold room are a fantastic and almost necessary part of business for many industries, but not all cold room are built the same.

Some of the types of clients that we have completed Cold room repairs,service and Installation include:

  • Supermarket freezer rooms
  • Bottle Stores
  • Petrol Station freezer rooms
  • Fast foods freezer rooms
  • Restaurant freezer rooms
  • Commercial kitchen freezer rooms

Cold Room Repair, Service and Maintenance  .

Most common issues with Cold room which you have to take note of and insure that your Cold room remain in a perfect conditions are listed below.

  • Not cooling well enough or blowing hot air
  • Leaking
  • Door not closing well
  • Icing up too much
  • Tripping the power
  • Making a big noise