Residential Heat Pumps

Heat pump works by extracting energy stored in the ground or water and converts this in a building heating system. Heat pumps work on the same principles as a fridge, cooling System, or air conditioning.

Heat pump technology is one of the cutting edge technologies and is becoming one of the most popular innovations in the field of energy efficient geyser heating, heat pumps can cut your geyser heating costs by as much as 60%. Heat pump functions by compressing gas in order to generate heat, and then transferring this heat, as well as the heat in the surrounding air, into the water that fills your geyser.Depending on your heat pump settings, you can heat the water in your geyser by between 40°C and 60°C with far less energy expenditure than a regular geyser uses by heating water with an electrical element.

Affordable Service and Repairs in Gauteng

Rashealz Air strive to provide a complete solution to all pool heating technology. We also offer expert heat pump service and repairs, should the need arise.

Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient, eco-friendly ways of heating your water, with no solar panels required, and minimal energy expended.

Like all our energy efficient systems, the heat pump system uses the ozone friendly 410a refrigerant gas.

Heat Pumps Features:

  • Highly efficient (up to 370%)
  • Fail safe design ensures hot water at all times
  • Various models suitable for any size geyser
  • Engineered for safe and easy installation
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Dehumidifies and cools surrounding air
  • Additional ducting can be installed and used for ‘Airconditioning the home
  • Fast recovery and first hour hot water availability
  • Small carbon foot print

The 7 Advantages of Heat Pumps

Before you decide on purchasing a heat pump system it is important to inform yourself about heat pumps.

There are multiple heat pump advantages which make them great investments for homeowners. We listed a few of those heat pump benefits below.

  1. Heat pumps are safer than systems based on combustion.
  2. They are cheaper to run than oil and gas boilers.
  3. The system reduces your carbon emissions and it has an efficient conversion rate of energy to heat.
  4. Less maintenance than combustion heating systems.
  5. Can provide cooling during the summer.
  6. Very long life-span (up to 50 years), thus they are extremely reliable and a steady source of heat.
  7. You may be eligible for payment under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.