Commercial Freezer Room Expertise

If your business needs a new freezer room, or an expansion to your current freezer or coldroom, Rashealz Air can install a freezer room designed to meet your exact cold storage business requirements with a level of service that is second to none.

Rashealz Air work across a range of industries such as restaurants, food processing, medical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries

Rashealz Air provide a wide range or freezer room options for example:

Walk in Freezer Rooms

Walk-in freezer rooms are cold rooms designed for stock that exceeds cabinet style freezers. The rooms are designed with the intention of allowing a person to walk into the space and easily and quickly access product stored on the shelving.

Modular Freezer rooms

These freezer rooms are quick and easy to install and are extremely efficient and versatile. They come in a variety of sizes and shelving combinations. Modular freezer rooms have the versatility to fit into wide range of space requirements.

Industrial Freezer Rooms

These types of freezer rooms are designed with bulk and heavy duty use in mind. Industrial freezer rooms accommodate heavy traffic access using pallet trolleys and or forklifts. The internal storage space has customised shelving units for forklift or pallet racking, large access doors and reinforced flooring.

Advantages of freezer rooms

Freezer rooms, also known as cold rooms are a specialized category of freezer used by many industries for a variety of commercial applications. Their primary use is to bring the temperature of the product down rapidly in order to freeze it extremely quickly. The freezer temperatures can be as low as -40°C and the freezing process time is generally completed in less than four hours.

The benefits of freezing items quickly produces smaller ice crystals and is less damaging to the molecular cell structure of the item being frozen. This allows for the original freshness to be restored after thawing. Quick freezing prohibits bacteria growth and improves the safety of the product, contributing to an overall longer shelf life.

Total Climate Solutions can ensure our customers that the best possible solution and energy efficient finished end product will be provided.

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